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Aircraft Services 

Airport official name : La Macaza -Mont-Tremblant International 

Airport code : YTM (IATA code) 

Airport designator : CYFJ (CF5 Airport code 

Airport Operationg hours : 7:00 to 23:00 local time 

Runway 03-21 : 5907'x 150' paved 

Runway lights : medium intensity no arcal 

Approach lights : PAPI -Reils on both RWY

Fuel available: Jet-A1 with Prism, 100LL

Navaids : GPS-RNav both RWY

Unicom : 122,7

ATC Frequency : 133,9

Weather reporting : Metar on request 

Custom : Airport of Entry AOE-15 (8:00 to 20:00) / CanPass :888-226-7277 -fees apply 

De-Icing : Type 1 & Type 4 

FBO : Full FBO service available 

Landing permission : Prior permission require PPR airport


Ground Transportation

Experience a seamless journey with our ground transportation service. From the tarmac to the slopes and back, enjoy prompt transfers and exclusive comfort.


Facilitate your travels by booking your ground experience now.


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